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Latest IT News & Announcements
Sheridan Secure Access Network Maintenance on Tuesday, October 22
abstract image of network traffic

On Tuesday, October 22 at 10 p.m. until midnight, IT staff will performing updates to the Sheridan Secure Access wireless network. Users of this network will need to accept a new security certificate to connect.

10/16/2019 12:59:00 PM
Trust Your Gut, Not "Your Boss" –
Be Wary of Spear Phishing Attacks
maOS Catalina image

O.k., you can trust your boss in most instances, but if you receive email from them asking you to buy gift cards you should think twice - you may be the target of a spear phishing attack.

10/08/2019 08:52:00 AM
macOS Catalina: Think Twice Before Upgrading your OS
maOS Catalina image

If you are a Sheridan student using a Mac for course work, or a Sheridan staff member using a Mac for your day-to-day work, it is NOT recommended that you upgrade to macOS 10.15 (Catalina) at this time.

10/01/2019 11:05:00 AM